Time to pay 2020 Dues

It is that time of year to pay lodge dues for 2020.

Uh-To-Yeh-Hut-Tee dues- for Jan 1 through Dec 31.
Dues: 15$ per member

Ordeal Candidates do not pay dues, first year of membership dues are included in Ordeal fee.

Introducing the  2020 ARROWPASS!

Pay 2020 Lodge dues, Registration fee for 5 Lodge events and patches for those events for the new price of $120.  2020 ARROWPASS will only be offered through Winter Weekend – January 4th, so hurry to purchase yours today.  You will be guaranteed a patch from each of the 5 Lodge Events- Winter, Spring, Banquet, Bull Weekend, Fall. (special events like NOAC are NOT included in this plan.)

Click on the links to the right for dues or ArrowPass.