Christopher Gardner Memorial Service Award

For many years, a fixture at Seminole Lodge 85 events was Christopher Gardner. Chris was well respected by both youth and adult Arrowmen. Chris, upon whom Seminole Lodge 85 bestowed the Vigil name “Generous Red Star”, led a life of service. He served in our Armed Forces, during which service he sustained damage to his kidneys, and eventually lost one. This began years of doctors visits and even a failed transplant; however, this never seemed to dampen his spirits. Chris was a cheerful, happy man who never lost hope. In service to Scouting, Chris never faltered. He was always looking to teach youth about Scouting and Scout skills. Chris, all the way up until his untimely passing in 1998, was hugely inspirational to many people.

Today, Chris lives on in the memories of many Scouters, but his legacy continues through the Christopher Gardner Memorial Service Award. Beginning in 2003, the award was presented annually to two Scouts or Scouters who had given exceptional cheerful service over an extended period of time.


2016 William Mastrangeli Mark Berry
2015 Bryce Malone Beth Doyle
2014 Mitchell Guida Tom McMullen
2013 Matt Draganchuk Adam James
2012 Matthew McIntosh Mark Caskie
2011 Dale Gerstenberger Frank Marion
2010 Travis Gibson Bill Daggett
2009 Kyle Stottlemyer James W. Gray, III
2008 Cory Villers William Guglielmi
2007 Christopher Russell Joseph Gonzales, Sr.
2006 David McIntosh Marty Siemsen
2005 Justin Baggett Susan Freemon
2004 Justin Chacos Jim Farley
2003 Justin Ryan Arthur Rounds