Spring Recap & The New LEB

Weekend Recap

Spring Fellowship was a great success! The chapter vs chapter games and activities proved to be a big hit thanks to our Vice Chief of Operations, Sam, and our Secretary, Alex. They included basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, Bull – perdy (trivia), Hungry Hungry Hippos and more! Outside of games, our Ordeal Chairman, Michael, hosted an Elangomat training Saturday afternoon. We had over 150 members in attendance!


The 2021-22 Lodge Executive Board

Lodge elections were also held at Spring Fellowship. Here are your 2021-22 LEB members:

  • Ryan S, Lodge Chief
  • Carson C, Vice Chief of Operations
  • Nathan C, Vice Chief of Membership
  • Alex B, Secretary
  • Mark P, Treasurer
  • Jeffrey F, Historian

Congratulations! They will take office at the Golden Bull Awards Banquet on May 8th.

Vigil Class of 2020. (1st Row) Samuel McBride, Nicholas Colosi, Joshua Poole, (2nd Row) Jeff Renker (standing), Eric Renker, Patrick Ronayne (Vigil Chief), Sean Monahan, (3rd Row) Melissa Colosi, Susan Sandstrom, (4th Row) Peck, Michael Eldert, Christopher Davis, Steven Luther, James (Jay) Sheridan, Cody Bohlender, Edward Connolly

Vigil Honor Recipients

Spring Fellowship is also home to the Vigil Callout. Overall, 7 youth and 7 adults were recognized with the honor this year.